NPR West

This is a story about me telling stories…

I pulled my car up and parked in front of the three letters that I’d been waiting to see all year. “N-P-R.”

My first day!

I had been producing radio stories for about a year. Doing journalism for almost 3. So this past summer I took a job at National Public Radio West, NPR’s Los Angeles hub.

I expected to work hard, but what I didn’t expect was to get to work hard alongside the most talented storytellers I’ve ever worked with…honestly.

Like, damn. These people knew how to tell a story.

Sam Sanders was the first ask for help. We ended up working together on several short day-turn pieces. He was the master of turning something around in a few hours. Something really great and informative. Like this piece we did after retailers stopped selling the confederate flag…

Then Wade Goodwyn called from Dallas. He wanted to write stuff together. With me? Okay Wade…

I spent a day with Patti Neighmond on a mountain. Well, in the Hollywood Hills reporting on health and exercise.

I wish you could’ve seen how Kelly McEvers writes. Nerd’s paradise that production room, I’m telling you. Embedded should be out soon, and I’ll post a link when it airs.

It all led up to me flyin’ solo. Reporting on something I thought didn’t get enough coverage. Southern California has the highest rate of deadly or serious hit and runs accidents in the country. I met a family at the front of the action. They’re trying to get this new AMBER-alert like system out there to broadcast hit and run drivers’ car information. It could help police catch more of these drivers…

These are just a few of my favorite projects. In all, I got to help produce almost 30 stories this summer. I’m an overall better writer, storyteller and person because of this place. I miss them. Take me back?

The other NPR West interns, Quinn and Carla, and me. They’re pretty cool people.

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