The Bow


From American Student Radio, a story320564_188154174593999_279404677_n about the power of the little things we all hang on to. In it, Hannah Fleace, a student at Indiana University, orders a hair bow from Etsy in honor of her boyfriend Joe, who serves in the army. But the day Hannah gets the package in the mail, she discovers someone else’s bow in the box. The small mailing mix up proceeds to turn Hannah’s world upside down.

Californians Hope Alert System Will Help Catch Drivers Who Hit-And-Run

In California people who hit someone with their car often get away with it. Seventy-five-hundred people in LA County alone fled a serious accident last year, and most will never be found. Now, as Matt Bloom reports, a proposed statewide hit-and-run alert system has families of victims hoping to get more of these drivers off the streets.

Aired on All Things Considered, August 26, 2015