In Addressing Eagle County’s Mental Health Care Void, Progress Is Slow, But Steady – Jan. 30, 2018

Michelle Meuthing, director of the Aspen Hope Center at the organization’s office in Basalt. The center has operated since 2010, responding to the community’s mental health crisis calls.

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“Ahead Of National Park Fee Hike, Anxiety Lingers In Estes Park” – from KUNC

Estes Park Mayor Todd Jirsa points to a panorama of his town. He says a fee increase at Rocky Mountain National Park could spell disaster for local businesses.

“As wildfire grows, some residents evacuate, others wait and see” – from KPCC’s breaking coverage of the Blue Cut fire. 

Lillian Gaffney of Lytle Creek worries about the status of her home. She waits to hear news at a Red Cross evacuation center at Fontana Park Community Center on Aug. 17, 2016. Photo by Maya Sugarman

How the design duo behind 3,000 SoCal buildings overcame discrimination



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Colorado Wine Lovers Have A New Hero: The State’s First Master Of Wine

By Matt Bloom

Ashley Hausman Vaughters, 34, is the first Colorado resident in history to receive a Master of Wine certification. She spent 9 years studying for the certification, which she received at a ceremony in London in November 2017.

It all almost seems like a fluke to her now.

One night about a decade ago, Ashley Hausman Vaughters stumbled upon Little’s Wine and Spirits, a small liquor shop on the south side of Denver. At the time an unemployed NYU graduate student, she’d just faced a flurry of rejections from summer jobs in Colorado – including one from a takeout Indian Restaurant. The frustration sent her on a quest to drown her sorrows.

A glass of wine would do the trick, she remembers thinking…

SoCal’s killer bee population is increasing. Here’s how to avoid an attack, June 19, 2017

By Matt Bloom

A woman walking her dog along a popular path in Huntington Beach was hospitalized this weekend after a suspected swarm of Africanized or killer bees attacked and stung her multiple times.

Shortly after 9 a.m. Saturday, Capt. Bob Culhane with the Huntington Beach Fire Department, responded to a 9-1-1 call from a person witnessing Mary Ann Speicher, a 71-year-old grandmother, being stung near Harriett M. Wieder Park. When Culhane arrived, the dog, Max, was off his leash and several bystanders were pointing in Speicher’s direction, he told KPCC on Monday…


“Californians Hope Alert System Will Help Catch Drivers Who Hit-And-Run,” NPR’s All Things Considered

Downtown LA says no to a Skid Row neighborhood council – Digital producing for

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Me, reporting on the construction and delivery of the construction of Red Cross sifters. The sifters were delivered to the victims of the Sand Fire, who used them to sort through the rubble of their homes.

“The Mix-Up,” WIUX 99.1 FM’s American Student Radio

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Baca trial: The defense calls a single witness

As wildfire grows, some residents evacuate, others wait and see

To save a species – one man’s life’s work reaches a pivotal moment